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Geren Lockhart, Founder and Designer of LA Contemporary Brand Geren Ford (GF) launched this genius line of clothing in 2002. Inspired by her travels, New York City, Los Angeles, art, and architecture, Geren has created “alluring and functional garments that add a worldly sense of chic to an everyday wardrobe.” GF is revolutionizing the city of Los Angeles; the goal of filling in the void in the womenswear market is streaming in. 

Geren’s Spring and Autumn 2011 collection was phenomenal. Pieces like her black Francis Jacket, Tux Blazer, and relaxed Bone colored Du Cap Henley from last year has blown us away.  And her new collections for this year are just as intelligent and adventurous! You can note her inspiration of art, architecture, and travels in her every garment. Her recurring prints for both Spring and Autumn will draw you to buy every top, bottom, and dress in that print.

Here at 1228Flower, GF has swept us off our feet with her staggering pieces. We’re in love with her bold cuts and use of silk. As she incorporates neutrals into her collection, the pieces become seasonless all around. We’re so excited to share with you that 1228Flower is working with GF and have received over 100 pieces from Geren Ford. It will be available at the following sales event in May. 


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